Inspired by Christian Marclay's Graffiti Composition, Mira Benjamin commissioned me to create a video score for members of the Contemporary Music Ensemble at Goldsmiths; that was made by taking students' musings on a huge sheet of paper and through cutting and layering, I created a moving score for those same students to inspire some improvisation.
The resulting film made by members of the CME in December 2019 was shown at Goldsmiths' online festival, PureGold 2020.

Amber Priestley is supported by PRS Foundation's The Open Fund for Music Creators:
I am developing ways to re-imagine my work as fixed media. Due to the nature of my output it is best experienced live. My work is often immersive and site-specific, including other senses besides listening. When audiences participate in these open-form experiences, my music resonates with them. However, I have found it difficult to convey the fundamental nature of my practice to people who have not previously encountered my work. Simple sound recordings or video documentation cannot demonstrate fully the experience of encountering my pieces live, and therefore my aim is to re-imagine the work in a different media (i.e. film), one that is fixed, can easily be shared, but is also a work of art in itself.
With support by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Music Creators I will be able to, for the first time, highlight the importance of the visual in my practice, in performance and in physical objects (my scores), by producing an audiovisual adaptation of a recent work, collaborating with film-maker David Lefeber and musicians Mira Benjamin and Beavan Flanagan to realise this.
Together with visual artist Marie Klimis, I created a flipbook as an aide-memoire for audience members: flipbook